Actualidades ~ Actual Events



The VOICE  is able to heal you and others around you. Yes! 
It’s  is a great instrument for women and  men seeking a healing path.
Wondering about your voice is a gift we all deserve. The approach is both ludic and therapeutic.  
It’s a vital manifestation to tune into singing chanting, humming  wiseling crying, laughing and more.  All you need is the willingess to explore the deep connection between emotions and memories stored in your inner heart.
 It’s fun! and at the same time it brings joy.   Embracing your voice over a galloping drum will bring us the strenght for this time of life to understand a state of well being  on  personal and planetary levels.
We will find together our voice as a magnificent instrument to accept and transform what we  think about ourselfs.   Opening wide the right to communicate our soul’s inner essence that could never be confined.
The vibration of the voice can build up the inmune system, and the endocrine system. We know now more than ever we need to be strong.
  All invited!
we come from the blue imprinting!
Our inner nature is harmonious.
We  are water,
we know how to sing and serve with joy.
We are Earth mama,
we know how to renew and nurture,
We are  wind,
the great magician of  “La limpia” deep cleansing.
We are fire,
we know how to dance the dance of love   
We are Ether, 
we are learning to be ethereal 
until the end of times in  the mastery of Shape shifting.
blessing on all of us

The Equinox Festival – Three hours of prayers, chants, blessings, music, and teaching

Wed Sep 232020 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm EDT


Let’s celebrate that special time when days and nights become equal. That light and darkness are the same lengths. The time Taita Ini–father sun– passes the equator line southward, causing Spring in the South hemisphere and Fall in the North. Join shamans from several cultures of the world who will be sharing prayers, music, and teachings. Three full hours of welcoming the magic of creation.


  • Host: Itzhak Beery – New York
  • Taita Don Jose Joaquin Pineda and Washington – Kichwa – Ecuador
  • Mallku Kondor- Peru
  • Taita Don Jacho Castelo – Kichwa – Ecuador
  • Maria Juana & Raul Yambrela- Kichwa – Ecuador
  • Taita Don Shairy Quimbo – Kichwa – Ecuador
  • Atarangi Muru – Maori – New Zealand
  • Mama Susana Tapia Leon – Ecuador
  • Taita Don Manuel Calazacon –Taschila – Ecuador
  • Supay Pishko Gualinga – Sarayako- Ecuador
  • Taita Don Oscar Santillan – Kichwa – Kichwa – Ecuador
  • Tatiana Davila & Ruben Silva – Ecuador

All proceeds will be shared equally between the medicine people. Donations to help them recover from the pandemic will be truly appreciated.


  • Ecuador/ Peru – at 5 pm
  • New York – at 6 pm
  • London – 11 pm
  • New Zealand – Thursday the 24, from 10 am

The event will be held on Zoom and recordings will be available for 14 days.

Healing Sounds From Your Inner Heart

Saturday 1pm September 26, 2020

This is a time to awaken healing melodies from our inner hearts. A time to connect to the nurturing spirit of love, acceptance and forgiveness, a time to connect with sacred mother. Together we will find the peace and tranquility that exists within us with help from Susana Tapia Leon. Susana is a Medicine Woman from the High lands of Ecuador who has been working with sound as an instrument for healing for over 30 years.

Please take the time to read her web page!

Hatun Mama Susana will help us use movement and sound to transform what we are feeling.  Susana will offer us an interactive experience using our voices and noticing our vibration.

We look forward to seeing you! Be well and stay safe!

Aho, Mitakuye Oyasin!

David Karp

“I grew up in the countryside of Punín-Riobamba, Ecuador. I received the songs and medicine from my community in the Andes, keeping this seed in the depths of my heart and soul.

“For the past 30 years I have investigated the many properties of the voice as a healing instrument, as well as explored and followed different holistic disciplines and teachings like: Andean Cosmology, Ancestral and Contemporary Midwifery, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Perinatology, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Freeing the Natural Voice, among others. I fused these schools of wisdom with the power of sound and share this medicine in circles and gatherings in different countries throughout the Americas.”             –  Susana Tapia Leon

Community member and Sundancer David Karp will moderate.

Zoom Link:
Meeting ID: 618 763 5615
Passcode: 1kb0zh

SWEET MEDICINE: Your word is the medicine of the future, and the future is now.

The medicine comes from her sacred womb. Allpa Mama
I feel honor to support  and nurture all children, you are my beloved!

I carry you with beauty and tenderness so you may walk upon like a standing tree nurturing the roots of others like you.
I envision you in abundance, i see you shinning like the rivers of my blood on Earth.

Now more than ever call upon your Sacred Presence to feel Spirit in the mistery of breath so your word becomes the sweet medicine we all need to create healings, listen, and share.

Until the day we’ll show our heart to the Great Spirit
May we all be bless

honoring our authentic self.

Mama Susana

From Tumbaco-Ecuador. October 12, 2021